Hello, my name is Lois.
I’m a journalist and old soul with a love of craftsmanship.

When I started out as a journalist a few years ago, I began to realise that big name brands didn't hold much interest for me – instead it was small, independent makers that piqued my curiosity. As I began to write about the craftspeople I was discovering in hidden corners of the UK, I noticed a sea-change in consumer interest beginning to swell. Not everyone wanted to brand their lives with meaningless logos anymore – instead, consumers were seeking out well-crafted products with a human story. The more I talked about this to the people I met, the more this was confirmed to me, and from this Crown of Flowers was born. 

Increasingly, consumers have lost touch with how their products are made – so much of what we own is manufactured thousands of miles away in inhumane conditions. Cheaply-made products are coated with a thick layer of corporate branding in order to create false value, and as a result we have lost touch with the qualities that make a purchase worth the money – intelligent design, skilled craftsmanship and ethical manufacture. I love meeting people who are proud to showcase every stage of the making of their product – from fabrics lovingly woven 19th century looms to handmade spectacles made to last a lifetime.

I'm also passionate about independent shops and the people who run them, curating stock that reflects their personality and individual tastes. Building a relationship with the shopkeepers that serve your community is an enriching experience and I hope this website can connect people with little businesses they might have previously overlooked. Everyone featured on this website has something really special to offer, and a fascinating story to tell – I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as I did. 

NB: The photography on this website has been taken by me. If you're interested in using it elsewhere, then please drop me a line first. Thank you!